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FLIGHTCAM as been operating for some 20 years know, providing remote aerial shots of all types and of late all other types of remote camera systems Helicams Hover-Cam Airships Buggies Underwater devices etc.

About myself,

I have been flying Models of all types for some 43 years, and over the last 20 years or so have developed the use of  Model Helicopters and remote camera systems to obtain P.O.V. (Point of view) type shots for the filming industry, I have done many opening titles and other contents on various programs for the BBC N.H.U. on program's like Lifesense, Living Dangerously, Trials of life, I have worked for Q.E.D. and BBC PEBBLE MILL, plus pop videos for the Waterboys and Spice Girls, Peugeot 306 shot in Africa,  BMW Car Commercial shot in Australia. I have also been involved in the production of advertisements, such as a wind farm commercial for the South West Electricity Board, and several other Commercials for Cars Zoos and industry. Likewise a Commercial on the privatization of the Swiss Railway shot in Australia. I have worked on  BBC Walking with Beasts, BBC  Big Al, Indonesia Shoot for Zebra films/BBC, I am currently working on a Feature film in Africa shooting on 35mm and HD for John Downer Productions (JDP),  JDP/BBC NHU Supernatural Series,  JDP/BBC NHU Lions spy in the den (BoulderCam) JDP/BBC Weird Nature, JDP/BBC  Elephants Spy in the Herd (DungCam & PlopCam)  JDP/BBC  Bears Spy in the woods (MirrorCam FishCam etc) JDP/BBC  PRIDE BBC Lion Drama HD aired Xmas 2004, JDP/BBC  Trek Spy on the Wildebeest, JDP/BBC Tigers to be aired shortly.